Metallurgy is a highly specialized type of materials science. This science focuses upon metallic elements and how these elements interact with one another. There are many different types of metals that can be found in the world. Some precious metals can be unearthed in various countries across the planet. Other common metals must be mined from dark caverns, so that the world can take advantage of their properties. Ancient civilizations took part in metallurgy, and archaeologists have found evidence of copper smelting and other metal experiments from all over the globe. Today, metallurgy still exists in many forms. Various metals that are used on a regular basis must be extracted from the earth. The scientists who work with these metals are part of the metallurgy field.
If you want to learn more about metallurgy, consider visiting your local library. You will also find a wealth of information on the Internet. Our Technology-Metallurgy Directory will prove to be an excellent starting point for your research. We gather information about metallurgy, so that we can share this information with you. If you want to know about a specific type of metallurgy, take a look through our directory. Nearly every metal you see has been mined from the earth. Silver, copper, tin are all metals that come from mines throughout the world. Even though we may use these metals every day, only metallurgists know how these metals interact and react. Metallurgy is an intriguing science that you’re bound to find highly interesting. Begin your metallurgy search here, and see where our directory takes you.

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