Environmental Chemistry

Environmental chemistry is the study of the environment and the chemical elements of the environment. Many people confuse environmental chemistry with eco-chemistry, but the two are different. Eco-chemistry focuses upon the impact that certain chemicals have on the environment, which is not the main focus of environmental chemistry. Environmental chemistry is one of the most complex chemistry subjects. Many people study environmental chemistry for years before earning a degree in the subject. Many more people never bother to consider environmental chemistry in any manner. Since it is such a specialized subject, it is often hard to collect information about environmental chemistry. However, you can begin gathering information about this topic by looking through our Environmental Chemistry Directory.
We gather and publish information about environmental chemistry on our site. This information is then posted on our Environmental Chemistry Directory. Using our directory as a starting point, you can then research any aspect of this topic that interests you. If you are looking for a specific book about environmental chemistry, you can find most books by looking through Internet sites. You will also discover that many websites sell chemistry tools that are perfect for a classroom environment. No matter what aspect of environmental chemistry interests you, you’re sure to find a world of information awaits!

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